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on April 02, 2020  -  2 min read

কথা ছিলো

on March 29, 2020  -  4 min read


on March 28, 2020  -  2 min read

Why am I in grad school, seriously?

on March 27, 2020  -  1 min read

An honest confession What’s more important in life, a PhD or a happy life with the ones you love? I don’t know why I’m in grad school. I don’t think I’ll ever…

Feature scaling strategy - Mean, Median or Mode?

on March 25, 2020  -  4 min read

What is feature scaling Take this list of numbers for example, what do you see here? The numbers are gradually increasing They’re pretty close to each other…

My confrontation with depression

on March 13, 2020  -  9 min read

It took me a long time and a lot of courage to write this article. I don’t know about others but talking about your lows and insecurities is never an easy task…

Setting up your AMD GPU for Tensorflow in Ubuntu 18.04

on March 12, 2020  -  7 min read

If you’ve been working with Tensorflow for some time now and extensively use GPUs/TPUs to speed up your compute intensive tasks, you already know that Nvidia…

শোয়াবিদের দেশে

on February 02, 2020  -  17 min read

Tracking Download Progress with URLSessionDownloadDelegate

on September 20, 2019  -  7 min read

Downloading … You’ve this cool app that has to download something from the internet, be it images, data or pdf files or whatever. While your app downloads the…

Loading images from URL in Swift

on August 20, 2019  -  4 min read

Images and URLs You’re writing the front-end of a fancy website. You have to load images from a remote server and you have the url. What do you do? You take sip…

Swift - PAT or Generics?

on June 21, 2019  -  5 min read

PAT? Before we begin, let me explain the terms here. PAT means Protocols with associated types. PATs can be generic, which means you can use any type with them…

The curious genericness of Associated Types

on May 29, 2019  -  4 min read

Before we dig deep, Protocols! Swift introduced this new paradigm called POP or . For people new to Swift, especially those coming from an OOP heavy language…

ইমেজ কি জিনিস

on February 09, 2019  -  4 min read

ইমেজ কি আসলে? ইমেজ শব্দের আভিধানিক বাংলা হচ্ছে - বিম্ব / প্রতিবিম্ব। একটু Geeky…

কম্পিউটার লাইন ক্যামনে আঁকে?

on January 17, 2019  -  12 min read

Animated gif loader in Java

on January 15, 2019  -  3 min read

Animated gifs are just all over the internet these days. Especially after people realized picture comments ain’t enough for their social networking experience…